Environmental Stewardship

Pillar I: Environmental Stewardship

Encompassing 33 criteria, this pillar forms the cornerstone of our certification, emphasizing responsible environmental practices in luxury rental operations. It addresses areas such as biodiversity, energy, waste, and water management, with each criterion contributing to a holistic approach to sustainability.

This pillar is designed to enhance the guest experience by aligning with the values of environmentally conscious travelers. We collaborate with properties to plan and integrate these practices, also guiding them on how to provide evidence of compliance such as official documents, purchase records, and digital showcases.

This initiative supports the Sustainable Development Goals 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), 13 (Climate Action), and 15 (Life on Land), reflecting our mutual commitment to global environmental sustainability

Topics covered in Environmental Stewardship





Sustainable practices framework for Environmental Stewardship

Ref.CriteriaCompliance IndicatorRequired EssentialsRequired AdvancedRequired ExcellenceRecommended
I.1Embracing wildlife harmonyEnsure that wild animals are not displayed, interacted with, or kept captive, unless abiding by local and global wildlife protection laws
I.2Cultivating green circularityUtilize garden refuse as compost, refraining from burning it, on or off-site
I.3Nurturing native beautyEstablish green spaces adorned with 100% native and endemic plant species and/or plants adapted and non-invasive to the environment
I.4Pesticide-free gardeningAbstain from using chemical pesticides and fertilizers unless there's no available organic or natural alternative in the destination
I.5Champions of local biodiversityActively engage in initiatives to safeguard local biodiversity and wildlife preservation
I.6Electric car charging stationsOffer charging stations for electric cars or provide a list of nearby charging stations (when available in the destination)
I.7Renewable energy usageContract with an elecricity supplier that provides renewable sources of energy, being solar, wind, and other sources (when available in the destination)
I.8Energy-efficient air conditioningBedrooms with stand-alone A/C have energy-saving switches, such as motion sensors or temperature admin control
I.9Efficient heating systemsUse the most efficient stand alone heaters and/or smart thermostats and/or inverter systems
I.10Energy-efficient appliancesUse energy-efficient appliances with EU A/B/C rating, US Energy Star, or international equivalent
I.11Smart lighting systemUse a smart lighting system to reduce energy consumption at night and/or when rooms are unoccupied
I.12Windows with heat-reducing featuresInstall double-glazed windows or sun protection screens (including awnings) to reduce heat exposure or transfer. Excluding properties without temperature control systems (e.g., AC or heaters)
I.13Hybrid or electric vehiclesUse hybrid or electric vehicles for property operations and/or guests services
I.14Renewable backup power systemPower backup system uses renewable energy, replacing fuel-powered generators
I.15Comprehensive use of insulation materialUse comprehensive insulation material to support temperature control systems and reduce energy consumption
I.16Integration of heat pumps for heating or coolingIntegrate heat pumps (air, water, or ground source)
I.17Swimming pool cover for energy conservationUse a pool cover to reduce evaporation and improve temperature control, thereby reducing the energy required to heat the swimming pool
I.18Use a variable flow swimming pool pumpUse a variable flow pump for the pool to reduce energy consumption
I.19LED lightingLED lighting constitutes 80% of the property’s lighting
I.20Climate-conscious email marketing softwareUse a sustainable email marketing software (e.g., ecosend.io, dotdigital.com)
I.21Eco-friendly web hostingUse eco-friendly web hosting that is using renewable energy to power its servers
I.22Grey water recyclingRecycle grey water mechanically when available in the destination (e.g., via a government-approved treatment system), or using a natural process for safe release in the ground
I.23Refillable bathroom amenitiesUse refillable bulk dispensers for bathroom amenities, replacing single-use plastic containers
I.24Reusable drinkware for outdoor useUse reusable plastic/acrylic cups for outdoor use, replacing single-use plastic glasses
I.25Recycling awareness for guestsHave a recycling plan in place for at least three waste types (glass, paper, plastic, organic)
I.26Reducing single-use packagingThe property has a plan in place to reduce or eliminate all single-use packaging (plastic, paper, cardboard) from its supply chain and guest experience or has a strict recycling plan in place
I.27Waste separation and instructions for employeesProvide instructions on how to separate and handle waste, readily available to employees or service providers in an understandable and simple format in their own language
I.28Water-efficient showersUse water-efficient showers, such as smart showers or low-flow shower heads and connectors
I.29Smart irrigation system for gardenUse a smart irrigating system for the garden, such as drip systems, rain sensors, or timers
I.30Rainwater harvesting for garden irrigationCollect rainwater to support garden watering during dryer seasons
I.31Towel re-use programme for guestsOffer a towel re-use programme to guests when regular cleaning/towel change services is provided
I.32Less frequent linen change option for guestsProvide guests the option of a less frequent linen change when regular cleaning/linen change services is provided
I.33 Water-efficient toilets Use water-efficient toilets, such as low-flow toilets or dual flush toilets
QALIA Framework V2.1 January 2024

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