How far are you in your sustainability journey?

We’re excited to invite you to a responsible tourism assessment. This will take about 20 minutes and should be completed in one go.

We need your honest answers to understand how you’re doing and send you our in-depth report with some additional suggestions on how to improve your practices and make your luxury rental brand more eco-friendly and responsible.

Just to be clear, the assessment and the report are part of our mission and do not engage you in anything!

When you choose to, we are ready to provide you with one of our coaching subscription services to reach another level of exemplarity. Ultimately, it is also a big step towards being rewarded with the QALIA certification, a badge of recognition for your leadership in responsible tourism.

And guess what? There’s a surprise waiting for you at the end as a thank you for your time.

I look forward to swapping ideas and inspiring you further on how to differentiate your brand even more through your commitment to sustainability.

With best regards,

Marc Ribail Founder & CEO