QALIA’s Excellence Framework for Conscious Luxury Rentals

Our Excellence level within the QALIA framework is possibly the ultimate recognition in the world of conscious luxury rentals & hospitality. The level rewards luxury rental brands for their unwavering commitment to responsible tourism practices. With 16 carefully crafted criteria, this verification is designed specifically for conscious luxury private accommodation. These properties have sustainability woven into their DNA or have made significant upgrades and changes in their operations to create a positive impact for all stakeholders.

In addition to recognizing sustainable infrastructure and operations, the Excellence framework honours properties that operate following conscious and purposeful values.  This approach facilitates the circulation of capital to benefit environmental and social projects in the local community.

To achieve the Excellence verification, properties must meet all 10 mandatory criteria and at least 50% of the 6 recommended criteria. When you commit to a maximum 12-month plan to implement the necessary recommended criteria, you will demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and achieve recognition at this ultimate level.

To ensure the highest level of compliance, all evidence must be submitted through our secure online platform, which maintains strict confidentiality to protect your property’s sensitive information.

NB: We use “luxury rental brand” as a generic term for high standard and exclusive stand-alone properties. This would include chalets, villas, lodges, private islands, castles and mansions. Eligible properties have the attributes of conscious luxury accommodation. They sit sympathectically within the location and its surroundings with elegant design features. The interiors showcase space and comfort with state-of-the-art amenities, stylish décor and quality furnishings. The ultimate goal of our sustainability framework is to provide an outstanding conscious luxury experience to discerning travellers. We aim to demonstrate that it is completely possible to offer this type of responsible hospitality without compromising the guest experience. In fact, this mindful approach actually enhances their stay.

1Property is using renewable source of energy (own and/or supplied)
  • % is solar powered
  • % is wind powered
  • % is sourced from sustainable supplier
  • % from other sources
2Property uses hybrid or electrical vehicles
3Property power backup system uses renewable energy (replacing fuel-powered generators)
4Property has used comprehensive insulation material to support temperature control and use of less energy
5Property recycles its gray water using phyto-depuration for safe release
6Property recycles its gray water mechanically for safe release (e.g. via a government or municipality approved treatment system/plant)
WATER, SDG goals
7Property collects rain water to support garden watering during dryer seasons
8Swimming pool filters use reverse osmosis or other non-polluting system (e.g. copper filters)
9Property has followed the local design style to preserve the architectural heritage
10Property was built using minimum 80% local building materials (country based accepted, replacing import of material)
11Green spaces have 100% endemic plant species or plants adapted and not invasive to the environment / local biodiversity
12Property compensates a share or its entire annual carbon emissions by purchasing certified carbon offsets providing the % and offset organisation
13Property invests a share of its revenue back into the community or in local / regional / global sustainability projects providing % or yearly revenue and project names(s)
14Property is strictly not offering buffet style meals to avoid food waste
15Property or event planner offset their own carbon footprint
16Property or event planner offer clients to offset their event carbon footprint
QALIA Framework V1.2, April 2023

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