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A bespoke platform to sustain your responsible strategy

All the support for luxury rental operations and their sustainable tourism practices is now under one roof. The foundation of our framework is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and takes into account the best practices in hospitality from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Our purposeful certification platform is the all-in-one tool our members use to manage their practices and apply for certification

Your sustainability plan made easy!

With the QALIA platform, you centralize all your tools and data, effectively managing your responsible tourism processes!

Collaborative, intuitive, interactive, and adaptable, our online platform brings together a wealth of tools and knowledge to fast-track your progress and report on your performance.

Whether you are a sustainability champion or a beginner, our platform provides a structured and easy-to-use toolbox to successfully execute your sustainable journey and achieve excellence!


Some of the platform features:

  • Access to the full framework
  • Knowledge Base for each criterion with explanation, real-life examples and applicable regulations in the EU and US when applicable
  • Store your compliance evidence to meet the certification levels
  • Action plan with task management and assignment function for long-term planning
  • Overview progress report during the whole process
  • In-depth final report upon certification (export possible)

Save time

  • Simplify and speed up information gathering
  • Automate the processing of collected data
  • Centralize your compliance documents for the audit

Real-time control

  • Track your progress on your dashboard
  • Instant full overview of all your practices
  • Next-step planning (built-in and personal)
  • Integrated knowledge base and action list


  • Statistical reports with historical comparison
  • Auto summary by score ranges
  • Graphic display of scores, indicators, …
  • Downloadable/printable evaluation report
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