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A rigorous methodology and process

The QALIA scoring system, platform and process are meticulously designed to assist you in crafting a personalised, measurable and achievable action plan. This will ensure the effective development and execution of your sustainable strategy. Together with the Four Pillars of Conscious Luxury, our scoring system combines long-standing experience in the management and marketing of luxury rentals with the commitment to empower positive impact on the planet, people and prosperity, with a purpose. To achieve this, our framework follows the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as a guiding principle.


  • Inclusion of all operational aspects
  • Industry experience based


  • Transparent process
  • Impartial auditing via third-party


  • Metrics-based approach
  • Strategic alignment with the Four pillars

Scoring Methodology

QALIA’s scoring principles are based on a rigorous method of analysis of each criterion’s impact on operational and sustainable excellence.

  •   Impact on UN SDGs: This gauges how each criterion impacts the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), highlighting the significance of beneficial effects on the environment and society.
  • Complexity of implementation: This evaluates the possible challenges and time needed to implement the sustainability initiatives, making sure they are realistic and achievable.
  • Cost implications: This takes into account the budgetary impacts of implementing sustainability initiatives, attempting to strike a balance between affordability and efficiency.
  •  Importance to guests: This assesses how each sustainability effort may impact the guest experience, taking into account their expectations and values.

Our Process

We place a great deal of emphasis on providing the highest value at every step of our process, from our internal assessment to ourethical committee. This safeguards transparency and objectivity in everything we do for the benefit of all.

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