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Invest in your local community

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Lumiere London

SCALE Green is the first sustainability conference entirely focused on social responsibility and the environment in short-term rentals. It will take place on April 23rd, 1200 – 1700 hours, at the dashing Lumiere London

This one-of-a-kind, half-day programme is intended for property managers who want to begin or advance their sustainability journey. With only 100 tickets available you will hear from leading property management companies. By learning from their experiences, you will be able to start on a sustainability strategy for your own business

Learn from your peers – leading property management companies who have recognised the business benefits that sustainability offers.

This ground-breaking conference has been launched by the team at SCALE, who run events across the world for the vacation rental industry. The format and content has been developed with the support of four industry experts, – Bob Garner of EnviroRental; our very own founder of QALIA, Marc Ribail; sustainability marketing specialist, Nikki Mattei; and Vanessa de Souza Lage of Sustonica. Consequently, their combined knowledge of sustainability and short-term rentals will ensure that you learn exactly what you need. In this way, you will gather insightful information and workable solutions to incorporate sustainability into your operations.  Most importantly, the conference is designed to be action-oriented. You will receive advice and tools that will empower you to start on your sustainability strategy immediately.

Be inspired by others

There is nothing more motivating than hearing from your peers. Particularly when they are generously sharing their experiences and best practices. This new sustainability conference is the only place where you will hear from leading property management companies who have already embraced sustainability and are seeing the benefits. 

Learn what sustainability could mean for luxury villa brands by hearing from the trailblazers

Here is a short summary of the speakers and what they will be sharing.

  • Graham Donoghue, CEO of Sykes Holiday Cottages, will explore the benefits of aligning purpose and profit and becoming a business for good. 
  • Rachel Parsons, sustainability & leadership coach at The What If Department, will look at how to engage with local communities and achieve a positive impact. A real hot topic in many destinations. 
  • Our Founder & CEO Marc Ribail, together with Vanessa de Souza Lage from Sustonica will delve into the world of sustainability certifications, explaining their benefits for STR businesses. 
  • The financial aspects of running a business are being increasingly impacted by sustainability. As such, Ufi Ibrahim, CEO at Energy and Environmental Alliances, will explain the emerging metrics and standards shaping the decisions of banks, investors, and regulators. 

Lastly, the conference will be rounded off with a round table discussion about the essentials of sustainability strategic planning. This will include  Katy Davies, Head of ESG at Host & Stay, and Claire Binns, Senior Impact Manager at Sykes Holiday Cottages, with others to be announced soon. 


Find the products and services vital to your success

sustainable bathroom amenties - QALIA conscious luxury responsible tourism luxury villas

sustainable bathroom amenties – Freepik

One of the most common questions asked when a vacation rental business has developed a sustainability strategy is “how do we find suppliers?”. If you decide to remove single-use plastic (an initiative appreciated by guests), where do you find alternatives? If you want to introduce healthier cleaning practices, where do you find eco-friendly products? 

Consequently, this sustainability conference will feature a session where a number of companies will present their eco-friendly products and services to you, from cleaning products to a carbon footprint calculator.

Remember too that one of the advantages of working towards a QALIA certification is that we will research suppliers in your destination and help you set up successful partnerships.

A sustainability conference run sustainably

As you would expect, SCALE Green is being run as an example of sustainability in partnership with Green VR Events. The venue, Lumiere London, has been chosen for its sustainable practices and is Impact Certified by FuturePlus. All aspects of the conference have been carefully considered. Consequently, you will enjoy a delicious plant-based meal – also an important consideration for the guest experience at any luxury villa.  The conference website is being hosted on a platform which runs on green energy – another easy sustainable action for a property management company. 

Be inspired by some of the green actions you will experience during the conference

Every delegate will receive a digital guide before the event which will help you prepare for the event and take action afterwards. Then at the conference itself, you will have an action planner booklet printed on eco-friendly paper with vegetable inks. There will be no single-use plastic – another important action which guests expect to see in luxury rentals – with lanyards from previous events being reused. 

Furthermore, the date of the conference has been chosen to coincide with two other important industry events. If you are attending the  Shortyz Awards and/or the Short Stay Summit, you will be making the most of your travel to London.


Only 100 tickets on sale

This is going to be a popular event as sustainability is a subject that property management companies know they need to address. But, it often gets pushed to the bottom of the list as more pressing issues arise. However, sustainability impacts every aspect of your business from operations to guest experience. And these impacts are usually positive!

So book your ticket now and commit to starting your sustainability strategy in 2024! You will see that you will have the option to donate to “The Refuge Community Kitchen” as a way to create some good out of your trip to London.

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