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We look forward to starting a conversation with you. Our team is excited to share our views on combining sustainability practices and luxury hospitality and discuss how our partnership can help strengthen your brand. Please feel free to contact us through the various means here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you


We will be attending the following conferences:

  • Sirreti conference, Jan. 08-09 2024, Rome, Italy
  • SCALE Spain, Fe.b 20-21 2024, Marbella, Spain
  • VRMA, Mar. 04 2024, Paris, France
  • SCALE Green, Apr. 23 2024, London, UK
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Marc Ribail (CEO)
Sander van de Riet (Asia office)

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Marc Ribail +33 (0) 7 50 02 11 03
Sander van de Riet +852 6011 1081