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Meet Marc Ribail, founder of QALIA

With 20 years in operations and distribution of luxury rental brands in Asia and Europe, we were focused on delivering high-value service to owners and their guests. This experience embedded in me the four pillars of luxury hospitality: innovation, know-how, excellence and tradition.

Over time and influenced by personal aspirations, I realised that all of us need to seek a greater balance between our impact and the ecosystem (both on a personal and business level). In light of the current challenges and consumer trends for a different way of living, this approach generates a higher value proposition for all stakeholders. This inspired the design and launch of our responsible tourism standard dedicated to stand-alone luxury rental properties.

The QALIA framework is designed for the gradual implementation of sustainable and transformative practices without compromising the essence of luxury hospitality. This approach can empower both property owners and guests to adopt a more conscious mindset or conscious luxury. Consequently, this leads to more meaningful experiences and impacts.

We are a for-purpose company and our mission encompasses three key objectives:

  1. Advocate the widespread adoption of sustainable practices within luxury rental brands, including properties, management companies, and specialist agencies. Through our certification programmes, we empower our members to lead by example.
  2. Accelerate guest awareness through strategic partnerships, focusing on conscious luxury. Together, we aim to cultivate an elevated sense of responsibility towards our environment and communities, thus creating a more positive impact.
  3. Collaborate with sustainability and hospitality peers to expand awareness and incentivise the short-term rental industry to embark on and sustain their journey towards a more responsible approach and make our industry a force for good.

Together, our shared commitment will demonstrate leadership towards a new more conscious style of luxury hospitality with meaningful outcomes for all stakeholders.

marc ribail

Founder – CEO | QALIA

Responsible Tourism Label for Conscious Luxury Vacation Rentals

When sustainability & purpose meet luxury hospitality

Conscious luxury is the new style of high-end hospitality

Luxury tourism is evolving towards a culture of social and environmental responsibility and demand for conscious, forward-thinking practices and properties. The industry is adapting at a fast pace to provide guests with all the benefits that conscious luxury can offer. The highest levels of comfort with a low carbon footprint, personalised service showcasing the best of local communities, and state-of-the-art amenities which are better for people and planet.

We understand that implementing sustainable practices is a “journey” in itself. For this reason, Marc Ribail and his specialist team are here to support and guide you through the process as a luxury rental brand. QALIA’s team works closely with each property to implement a bespoke action plan and ensure the validation of the criteria within our sustainability label framework.

Once verified, each luxury rental brand becomes part of a community of like-minded individuals and organisations who share a common goal of shifting from a transactional model to a transformative one.

Reaching excellence in responsible tourism

We support luxury rental brands in their sustainability practices

Marc Ribail founded QALIA as a unique responsible tourism standard specifically for stand-alone rental brands who want to showcase conscious luxury.  QALIA Members will work through the three levels of the framework to suit their property and their timescales. The three levels are Essentials, Advanced and Excellence. These levels are closely linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and set a standard for excellence in the luxury vacation rental market. As a Member, you will be able to differentiate your property as a trailblazing conscious luxury brand. QALIA will connect Members with conscious travellers through a network of specialist agencies, PR exposure and direct booking strategies.


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