Responsible Tourism Standard

for Luxury Vacation Rentals

We empower owners and operators to embrace conscious luxury

Elevate your luxury rental brand to new heights with QALIA.

Join the leaders in luxury rental tourism and let QALIA guide you towards meaningful environmental practices and impactful community engagement while enhancing guest experiences and boosting your brand reputation.

Our standard adheres to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is inspired by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria, incorporating best practices from the luxury hospitality industry.

Embrace a world of benefits:

  • Make a positive impact: Contribute to the well-being of the destinations and communities you serve.
  • Gain brand differentiation: Stand out from the crowd with QALIA’s certification, attracting conscious travelers and investors who value sustainability and seek the difference.

  • Enhanced guest experience: Deliver an elevated experience with initiatives that resonate with discerning guests.

  • Accountability: Be prepared for increasing regulations and discerning guests’ expectations.

Partner with QALIA, embark on a journey of conscious luxury and inspire a legacy of responsible luxury tourism for generations to come.

Sustainability is a business imperative


Millennials expect brands to be transparent in their marketing and actively talk about their sustainability impact (source: Nielsen)


The pandemic has made UHNW want to travel more responsibly (78% in 2021). (source: Virtuoso)


Choose travel companies with a strong sustainability policy supporting local communities and protecting the planet (source: YouGov)

A transformative journey for your brand and the guest experience

We help create a more meaningful and conscious proposition

Through QALIA‘s responsible tourism certification, your luxury brand and team are recognised as a leader in sustainable tourism in your destination, and beyond., demonstrating excellence in practices that positively affect all stakeholders.

As a result, affluent travellers become inspired by your commitment to protecting the environment and creating a positive impact on communities. Especially, as they are increasingly attracted by experiential holiday options to match their aspirations and desire to contribute.

Transparency is key

Transparency around your sustainability practices is a powerful asset to enhance trust and increase brand differentiation.

Our recognition endorses your achievements, generates relevance and increase exposure among a growing group of eco-conscious guests and specialist agencies.


We live in a world of abundance, yet fragile. So, this demands an urgent redefinition of the paradigm, values and foundations of the luxury hospitality industry.

QALIA aspires to a new relevance of exclusivity, exemplified by quality, individuality, innovation and responsibility.

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